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Why Young Potential Leader Must Have a Courage?

A leader must have the ability to be brave. Boldness is one aspect that has been known to humans since tens of thousands of years ago. At that time leaders with high courage were associated with the paliing physical strength of the masters who would become king. However, it turns out that physical strength in the present is not the most important thing to dare to be a leader. Courage to appear not only physical but must also strong mentally.

Courage that has to be fertilized since youth. It has provided a path capable of getting a potential leader out of the nation from colonialism in the past. In Indonesia we know the Founding Father Soekarno, Tan Malaka, and Bung Tomo. Soekarno as the father of the nation could not be able to liberate the Indonesian nation from the clutch of Dutch colonialism if not dare to fight through the struggle of diplomacy and physical “gerilya”.Tan Malaka as the originator of the name of Indonesia in the international world must use courage to show the birt…